University of Michigan Compliance Hotline

For reporting financial, regulatory, NCAA, substance abuse and patient safety issues

Because compliance is
everyone's responsibility

Call 1-866-990-0111 to speak to a specialist or

Click here to submit a report online

The University of Michigan Compliance Hotline is a tool for U-M employees, students, vendors and others to raise concerns regarding financial, regulatory, NCAA, substance abuse and patient safety issues.

U-M is committed to providing an environment where individuals feel comfortable discussing compliance problems—no matter how big or small—and where people can safely and confidentially come forward to identify instances of fraud or other serious concerns.

Callers to the U-M Compliance Hotline can remain anonymous. Customary resolution methods, such as talking to your supervisor, are still important first-line approaches for reporting compliance concerns. The Compliance Hotline is available for situations where conventional channels are uncomfortable or otherwise inappropriate, or for times when you wish to remain anonymous. You should keep in mind, however, that certain types of reports may be difficult for the university to pursue if you choose to remain anonymous.

The Hotline does not replace existing reporting mechanisms across U-M's campuses or in the Health System, but rather serves as an additional option. For an overview of other reporting mechanisms, see other ways to make a report.